Natural / Eco Dip Dyed with Privet– 100% Organic Falkland Merino Wool – 104 grams – Lace Weight – Yellow / White ND185

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Product Description

Natural / Eco Dip Dyed with Privet – 100% Organic Falkland Merino – 104 grams – Lace Weight – Yellow / White

This is a luxuriously soft Organic Falkland Merino yarn hand dip dyed using Privet Leaves. The colour of this skein is a lovely green and white and beautiful to work with in your knitting, crochet, or weaving.

Yarn details (approximately):-
• Lace weight
• 104 grams
• 875 yards/800 metres
• 100% Organic Falkland Merino
• Hand dyed using natural dyes from my garden where possible

I have hand dip dyed this yarn. I work with local mills to bring you the very best of each year’s fleece/fibre and the dye stuff is directly from my garden, or local sources.

Receiving your yarns and working with them:-
Washing yarns before use is not required but, If you do wish to wash this yarn before use or, for future washing of any garment, please hand wash using a mild (preferably non-bio) soap with warm water. Please do not put yarn from hot water into cold water or vice versa as this will “shock” the yarn and cause it to shrink and harden ie. try to ensure that both wash and rinse water are similar temperatures and do not rub or agitate the yarn too much as wool felts easily!

If you are using soap on your wool, make sure to use PH Neutral soap as acidic soaps can leach colours and ultimately bleach wool. This is not a result of poor dyeing, but instead a result of the acid destroying the fibre (which will cause wear over time).

To give you an idea of the time it takes to produce this yarn to a professional standard using natural dyes I have written a brief process for you but dyes can take weeks/months to work.
Day 1 – Yarn is purchased directly from the local Mill
Day 2- 5 – Yarn is dyed with plants from my own garden (where possible)
Day 6 – Yarn is prepped and labelled for selling
Day 7 – Yarns are listed for sale

Terms of sale:-
Please read my full policies before purchase.
Please note that I photograph all my products to reflect the colours as accurately as I can (if there is any slight discrepancy I will note this in the description) but, however good my photographs are, the colours can appear different on other computer screens. I will always do my best, but I am at the mercy of your computer when viewing these images.

Natural / Eco Dip Dyed with Privet– 100% Organic Falkland Merino Wool – 104 Natural / Eco Dip Dyed with Privet– 100% Organic Falkland Merino Wool – 104

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Welcome to Wivey Weaver - Yarn Alchemy based on the edge of Exmoor in beautiful Somerset, England. I am a weaver, spinner and natural plant dyer working with the best fibre and yarn I can find. Most of the fibre I spin comes from a local mill and my natural dyes come from plants in my own garden.