Hand Woven Scarf – Acrylic – Twill Weave HW40

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Product Description

Hand Woven Scarf – Acrylic – Twill Weave HW40

This scarf has been hand woven by me and is made using a top quality acrylic yarn. It is the perfect size and weight to tie around your neck, double up and loop etc. to keep the weather out!

I normally only use natural fibre but the acrylic yarns allow me to experiment with different styles of weave and colour plus produce scarves at a slightly lower price to the more expensive natural fibre hand woven items.

Scarf details are:-

- approximately 153 x 18 centimetres, 60 x 7.25 inches
- Acrylic
- weave structure is "twill"

Receiving your scarf and caring for it:-
Washing scarves before use is not required, as I care for them here before they leave me. When you do come to wash your scarf make sure to be gentle with it. A woven scarf should last you many years of gentle use.
In theory acrylic yarn can be machine washed (not too hot) but I would still recommend a hand wash.
A tepid hand wash is generally all that is necessary, squeeze dry and then dry flat (you may also roll in a towel to get the worst of the water out). Please make sure to not rub or agitate the scarf… as fibre can felt or bobble easily!

To give you an idea of the time it takes to create this product I have written a brief process for you.
Day 1 – Yarn is prepared for weaving, both warp and weft
Day 2 – Warp is set up on the loom
Day 3-7 – Scarf is woven
Day 8 – Scarf is rinsed and dried to set the weave
Day 9 – Scarf is prepared for sale

Terms of sale:-
Please read my full policies before purchase.

Please note that I photograph all my products to reflect the colours as accurately as I can (if there is any slight discrepancy I will note this in the description) but, however good my photographs are, the colours can appear different on other computer screens. I will always do my best, but I am at the mercy of your computer when viewing these images.

Hand Woven Scarf – Acrylic – Twill Weave HW40 Hand Woven Scarf – Acrylic – Twill Weave HW40 Hand Woven Scarf – Acrylic – Twill Weave HW40

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