Skein to ball winding service - turning your skeins into more manageable balls / cakes

£0.50 GBP


Product Description

If you would like your skein(s) of yarn wound into cakes before I send them to you, please let me know. I can save you time by winding these for you and would normally wind a 100g skein into 1 or 2 cakes. Please purchase as many of this service as you require ie. 1 for each skein you would like wound. If you have any questions, please do ask.

Please note that this service may add an extra day or two onto my posting these to you.

Handspun, Handwoven & Natural Plant Dyed Yarn

Welcome to Wivey Weaver - Yarn Alchemy based on the edge of Exmoor in beautiful Somerset, England. I am a weaver, spinner and natural plant dyer working with the best fibre and yarn I can find. Most of the fibre I spin comes from a local mill and my natural dyes come from plants in my own garden.