Advent Calendar For Spinners, Needle and Wet Felters - 24 numbered packets of fibre

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Product Description

Advent calendar for all the spinners, needle and wet felters out there! These will be purely fibre (no felting equipment) and are individually made to order so may take a day or 2 to post. They contain an assortment of natural fibres including natural plant dyed, from Teeswater, Romney/Shetland and Wensleydale wools to various types of silks threads and nepps. Alternatively, I can make these with mixed colour tops (mainly merino wool) for spinners. Each of 24 batches of fibre will range from 5 to 20 grams in weight and will be placed in a paper bag with a small paper label inside stating the contents and a number label sealing the bag. As every calendar is hand picked they will all be different in content. The individual 24 paper bags will be packed in either a shoebox (2nd hand!) or a paper carrier and then the only plastic will be the outer posting bag. I want this to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Advent calendars will be £25 each and postage £3.80. Please state whether you have any preferences when ordering - if you do not let me know then it will be a completely random choice of fibre.

Obviously I will not be photographing a full calendar as that would spoil the surprise but the photos here show a wide selection of fibre which is ready to be included.

I work with local mills and dyers whenever possible to bring you the very best of each year’s fibre. All natural dyeing is done by me personally, as is some of the acid dyeing. Much of the fibre has been purchased as organic raw fleece and processed by me with the exception of the wool tops - where I have used raw fleece this has been fully washed but may still contain some lanolin.

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Advent Calendar For Spinners, Needle and Wet Felters - 24 numbered packets of

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